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Thermal Vacuum Systems

Creating Environments for Mission Success

Thermal Space Vacuum SystemWe design and build  thermal vacuum systems for space simulation as complete turn-key solutions. Dynavac has a long-term strategic relationship with the aerospace industry, and it has been a cornerstone of our business for more than 20 years.

The thermal space vacuum systems are designed to support long-term testing of flight hardware in a contamination-free environment. A wide range of test configurations and performance requirements can be achieved with options for thermal control, vacuum pumping, and system control.

Thermal Vacuum SystemOur systems sizes range from bench-top units to field-constructed facilities. We have the in-house capability to produce test chambers of up to 5 m in diameter. Our project team ensures that the systems are fully installed and signed off as "operation ready." Dynavac and jobaTEC also have readily available technical support, including on-site service during critical test periods.

The thermal vacuum systems usually consist of the following components:

Thermal Control Options:

Cryogenic Surfaces:

  • Optically dense shroud enclosures
  • Cryopanels
  • Hardware support platens
  • Contamination plates

Payload support and positioning

  • Custom Design services
  • Hand carts and rail systems for hardware loading and removal
  • Internal monorail systems for handling of large/heavy articles
  • Hard-points for payload support and vibration isolated support systems

Pumping Equipment:

Vibration Isolation

  • Test article isolation within chamber
  • Cryopump vibration isolation
  • Full chamber isolation

Contamination Monitoring

  •  Residual gas analyzer
  • Temperature Controlled Quartz Crystal Microbalance
  • Oxygen monitoring

Control System

  • PLC-based control system architecture
  • User interface via a touch screen or supervisory computer running HMI software
  • Remote access capability
  • Overall system and subsystem status is depicted on multi-level screens

Data AcquisitionTDAS

  • Thermal data recording
  • Logging of user-selectable data
  • Time-stamping of data, real-time plotting
Thermal Vacuum Chamber Thermal Vacuum System Thermal Conditioning Unit





Customer service: Both Dynavac and jobaTEC have a responsive customer support team that provides full installation, startup, and training services.