Shroud for Thermal Vacuum Chamber

Cryogenic Surfaces

Creating Environments for Mission Success

Cryogenic ShroudWe have the in-house manufacturing capability to build cryogenic shrouds and panels for a multitude of sizes and configurations:

Cryogenic ShroudWe construct surfaces of aluminum and make them available with a variety of extrusions to support thermal flow requirements, making small steady-state temperature gradients achievable. Less than ± 3K is typical. Several high emissivity coatings are available. They are selected for any specific application based on several characteristics like emissivity/absorptivity values,  temperature range, outgassing rate, ease of application and cure cycle.

Cryogenic ShroudTo assure vacuum integrity of the system, we thermally cycle panels during construction and acceptance testing and then helium leak test for further assurance. Our final cleaning and packaging process ensures efficient, contamination-free installation.

Cryogenic Shroud



Both Dynavac and jobaTEC have a responsive customer support team that provides full installation, startup, and training services.