Rotary Transducers

Rotary TransducerCDA InterCorp’s Rotary Transducers provide high accuracy outputs for angular position, velocity, and acceleration requirements in today’s advanced systems. These components deliver precise output performance in small size and weight.

High grade stainless steel construction, class H220 insulation system, and brushless design assures reliable performance under the most severe operating conditions.

We are able to manufacture resolvers with +/- 3 arcmin. Additional features include a wide operating range of -80°C to +220°C, high vibration and shock capacity, high velocity and high acceleration capacity, high signal to noise ratio, continuous rotation, and a wide selection of output formats.


Contrallable Drive Actuators for the Aviation Industry

Aviation Industry

  • Control Surface
  • Position Sensors
  • Valve Actuation Wheel Speed
  • Sensors Azimuth/Elevation
  • Drive Actuation
  • Shroud Actuation
  • Turret Drive Actuation
  • Radar Drive Actuation
Contrallable Drive Actuators for the Space Industry

Space Industry

  • Solar Array Deployment Dampers
  • Filter Wheel Drive Mechanisms
  • Solar Shield Door Hinge Drive
  • Shutter Drive Mechanism
  • Reflective Mirror Directional Control
  • Contamination Cover Drives
  • Camera Rotation Drives
  • Lens Cover Actuation
  • Antenna Deployment Actuation
  • Cryogenic Actuation and Resolvers
Contrallable Drive Actuators for the Down Hole Industry

Down Hole Industry

  • Core Sampling
  • Drives Weight on Bit Drives
  • Gas Lift Valve Drives
  • Perforation Drive
  • Pump Motors
  • Retractable Fail Safe Drives
  • Stage Lock Drives Valve
  • Position Transducers
  • Steerable Tools 
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