jobaTEC and CDA Intercorp have joined forces to increase their business activities in Aviation, Space and Down Hole.  

jobaTEC is expanding its business activities in aviation, aerospace and other challenging industrial applications as CDA's exclusive distributor in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for their complete range of Controllable Drive Actuators.  

CDA InterCorp Controllable Drive Actuators

For over 40 years, CDA InterCorp has been the leader in the design and manufacture of highly engineered, extremely reliable Controllable Drive Actuators for technologically advanced control systems. CDA's Controllable Drive Actuators, Rotary Transducers and Eddy Current Dampers are being used in many high performance critical applications for aviation, space, defense, down hole equipment and high reliability industrial applications. CDA's standard modular design concept provides unparalleled performance per unit volume.

A substantial benefit of CDA's modular design is the multifunction tasking capabilities within a single drive actuator. Every product within CDA's line is an established, qualified module designed and manufactured and tested according to the toughest quality standards.  


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